Sweetzy Allergens Policy

This policy has been adopted by Sweetzy or (“We”) and applies
to our picking procedure activities in relation to our pick n mix
Our product is a create your own pick and mix. Each ingredient
of each sweet within the pick n mix range can be seen on our
website: https://sweetzy.co.uk/picknmix-ingredients/. We
display the ingredients on the website in the exact way that
they appear on the sweet wrapper or bag taken from the
supplier / manufacturer.
Please be aware that sweets containing nuts, sugar, soya,
wheat and other allergens are picked and packed in the same
place as those sweets that don’t. We would not recommend
that if you have a severe allergy to buy from our pick and mix
section, for your own safety as unfortunately due to the way
that the sweets are picked within close proximity of each other
we cannot guarantee that unchosen/ rogue sweets will not be
mixed within the pouch. Whilst we try our upmost to avoid such
things for dietary and allergen requirements we cannot
guarantee this.
The area in which we produce our orders is of a high standard
of cleanliness and is well maintained. All pickers wear a high
standard of PPE, including hair nets and gloves.