About Sweetzy

Sweetzy Pick n mix sweets delivered to your door

Who, what and why…….

Sweetzy has evolved over the past 18 months into one of the biggest online picknmix companies in the UK and has plans to become the best but how did it start? The owner William created the company back in January 2019 when trying to get a good picknmix was either impossible or hugely over priced. Initially it started with creating a basic website and selling picknmix out of a spare room in his parents home…very Rock N Roll!

Over the next few months it began to gain traction and the orders increased over time till October 2019 when William realised for a small company they were producing a level of plastic and non recyclable materials which did not sit well with him, so he took the decision to turn the packaging 100% recyclable. Showing people that even small start up companies can try be as green as they can even though it is more expensive due to reyclable materials not as mass produced.

Over the next few months William with help with others created Sweetzy into a bespoke picknmix solutions were customers can create their own full bespoke picknmix pouch in 100% recyclable packaging. Customers can pick exactly what sweets they would like with a always growing sweet range. In the space of 4 months in early 2020 Sweetzy went from 200sqf offices to over 4,000 square foot warehouse due to the popularity of the company. 

Sweetzy still have a lot more to give and are only at the start of their journey to offer everyone a cost effective Picknmix product that minimises hurting the planet.