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Film Night In Box


Film night in box is here. Our film in box comes in a large box. It is full to the brim with goodies that they will love. The box will come with an array of sweets and chocolate plus a create your own Mega share pouch (1kg).

1 x Mega Picknmix (You choose your sweets)

1 x M&M’s crispy chocolate bag

1 x lint Lindor Milk Chocolate bar

1 x Original choc nibbles bag

1 x Milky Happy Cows

1 x Milky Way Stars

1 x Maltesers Box

1 x Cadbury Wispa Gold bar

1 x Terrys mini chocolate

1 x Galaxy smooth milk bar

Ingredients info: Check out our full ingredients list here. We advise you contact if you have any questions in relation to allergens or ingredients


*Choose Sweets

101. Haribo Turtles
102. Yellow Bellies
103. Haribo Cola Bottles
104. Haribo Jelly Babies
105. Gummy Bears
106. Chocolate Candy Cones
107. Fried Eggs
108. Haribo Heart Throbs
109. Haribo Cherries
110. Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles
111. Giant Dummies
112. Porky Pigs
113. Pink & White Mice
114. Rainbow Belts
115. Maoam Stripes
116. Spinning Tops
118. Haribo Rhubarb & Custard
119. Cherry Wheels
121. Haribo Giant Cola Bottles
122. Fizzy Stars
123. Blue Raspberry Wheels (Limited Time)
124. Green Cola Bottles
125. Fizzy Bricks
126. Fizzy Irn bru bottles
127. Bubblegum Mushrooms
129. Pina Colada Slices
201. Sour Strawberry Bites
203. Strawberry Pencils (DF)
206. Watermelon Slices
301. Haribo Strawberries (V)
302. Mega Snowie
307. Strawberry & Cream Slices
308. Toffee Bonbon
401. Cherry Cola Bottles
(V, VG, DF)
402. Fizzy Strawberries
403. Sour Dummies
(VG, DF)
404. Fizzy Cherries (V,VG,DF)
405. Dracular Teeth (V, VG, DF)
406. Fizzy Tongues
(V, VG, DF)
408. Sour Melon Slices
(V, VG, DF)
409. Tongue Painters
(V, VG, DF)
410. Apple Belts
(V, VG, DF)
411. Blue Babies
(VT, VE)
413. Meerkats
(V, VG, DF)
414. Space Mix
(V, VG, DF)
415. BUBS Sour Octopus
(V, VE)
417. Sour Apples
(V, VG, DF)
418. Fizzy Cola Bottles
419. Fizzy Fangs
420. Fizzy Peach Rings
(V, VE)
423. BUBS mini Sour Skulls
(V, VE, GF, DF)
424. BUBS Sour Foam Tutti Frutti
(V, VE)
425. Fizzy Teddy Bears (VE)
501. Crocodiles (GF)
504. Foam Shrimps
(GF, DF)
505. Lemon Bonbons
(V, GF)
507. Blackjack and fruit salads
(V, GF)
512. Dolly Mixture
(GF, DF)
514. Orange Bonbon
515. Friendship Rings (GF)
518. Refreshers
519. Fizzy Jelly Snakes
(GF, DF)
520. Fizzy Chips
(GF, DF)
521. Dusted Jelly Babies
522. Fizzy Peaches
524. Foam Bananas (GF)
525. Coconut Mushrooms (GF)
527. Mini Watermelon Bites
(GF, DF)
528. Blackberry and Raspberry Gums (GF,DF)
531. Milk Bottles (GF, DF)
532. Baby Dolphins
(GF, DF)
533. Pink Mushrooms
(GF, DF)
535. Fizzless Snakes (GF, DF)
536. Twist Kisses
(GF, DF)
538. Psycho Mice (GF)
544. Pig Mugs (GF)
545. Teeth & Toothbrushes (GF)
547. Jelly Filled Brains (GF)
548. Rainbow Berries (GF)
549. Giant Raspberry Bottles
99. Easter Mix

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Ingredients info: Check out our full ingredients list here. We advise you contact if you have any questions in relation to allergens or ingredients