We plant trees because its cool


Planting trees is cool. We are on a mission to not just be another company that sells sweets. We want to be different with what we do so by planting trees we are doing what we love and that is giving back.

Why Use Offset Earth?

Offset Earths online portal is an amazing way to find out what good we are doing. Its hard to know how many trees we are planting without a visual way to bring it to life. Head over to our virtual forest to see how we are doing. Please scroll down to find our Offset Earth account link.

Why Do We Want To Do This?

Creating a business is cool and giving our customers a fantastic product is great but if we can do all of that and also give back at the same time its amazing. We don't want to be another basic company, we want to be different.

How Many Trees Do We Want To Plant?

Our goal is to plant over 50k trees from starting this project in late June 2020 to December 2020 and we would be jumping for joy. The 2021 goal is bigger and better though.

1 order = 1 tree

Don’t just buy sweets, plant trees at the same time. It’s a win win we think anyway.

Sweetzy Pick n mix sweets delivered to your door

Head over to our Offset Earth account and look at all the cool stats about our tree planting scheme. We are very passionate about this project here at Sweetzy as we aim to become a carbon neutral business in the near future. Will you help us plant trees?