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Sweetzy Monthly Subscription

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Love your sweets? A Sweetzy monthly subscription will be perfect for you then. You get to pick your size and pick your sweets to exactly what you want. That’s not even the best bit, you also get to change your size and sweets every month. We will remind you via email when its time to change your preferences.

Also, we don’t tie you into anything, You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

How does this work?

  • Choose your size pouch
  • Choose your sweets you would like
  • Checkout
  • Then every month you can change your size, change your sweets, pause or cancel. Up to you.

*Choose Sweets

1. Crocodiles
(GF, DF)
10. Haribo Strawberries
11. Haribo Turtles
12. Jargonelle Pears
(V, GF)
13. Strawberry Bonbon
(VE, GF)
14. Super Shrimps
(GF, DF)
15. Yellow Bellies
16. Haribo Cola Bottles
17. Jelly Babies
18. Haribo Gummy Bears
19. Lemon Bonbons
(V, GF)
2. Haribo Rhubarb & Custard
20. Chocolate Candy Cones
21. Cherry Bonbon
(V, GF)
22. Fizzy Cola Bottles
23. Blackjack and fruit salads
(V, GF)
24. Jelly Beans
(V, GF, DF)
25. Rosy Apples
(V, GF)
26. Apple Bonbons
(V, GF)
27. Rhubarb & Custard Bonbons
(V, GF)
28. Dolly Mixture
(GF, DF)
3. Cherry Cola Bottles
(V, VG, DF)
30. Fizzy Strawberries
31. Toffee Bonbon
(V, GF)
32. Blackcurrant Bonbon
(V, GF)
33. Friendship Rings
34. Boiled Rhubarb & Custard
(V, GF)
35. Fried Eggs
36. Haribo Heart Throbs
37. Kola Cubes
(V, GF)
38. Pear Drops
(V, GF)
39. Sour Dummies
(VG, DF)
4. Haribo Cherries
40. Refreshers
41. Fizzy Jelly Snakes
(GF, DF)
42. Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles
43. Fizzy Chips
(GF, DF)
44. Mint Humbugs
(V, GF)
45. Dusted Jelly Babies
(GF, DF)
46. Fizzy Peaches
47. Sour Strawberry Bites
48. Blue Raspberry Bonbon
(V, GF)
49. Giant Haribo Dummies
5. Fizzy Cherries
50. Shandy Bottles
51. Foam Bananas
(GF, DF)
52. Dracular Teeth
(V, VG, DF)
53. ABC Letters
(GF, DF)
54. Coconut Mushrooms
55. Porky Pigs
56. Pink & White Mice
57. Fizzy Tongues
(V, VG, DF)
58. Mermaids
(V, VG, DF)
59. Sour Melon Slices
(V, VG, DF)
6. Bubble Gum BonBon
(V, GF)
60. Tongue Painters
(V, VG, DF)
61. Apple Belts
(V, VG, DF)
62. Rainbow Belts
63. Mini Watermelon Bites
(GF, DF)
64. Maoam Stripes
65. Blue Babies
(VE, V)
66. Sour Shocks
(VE, V, DF)
67. Spinning Tops
68. Blackberry and Raspberry Gums
(GF, DF)
69. Strawberry Milkshakes
(DF, GF)
7. Pineapple Cubes
(V, GF)
70. Milk Bottles
(GF, DF)
72. Mega Snowie
73. Baby Dolphins
(GF, DF)
74. Pink Mushrooms
(GF, DF)
75. Strawberry Pencil Bites
76. Mini Egg
77. Fizzy Fangs
78. Meerkats
(V, VG, DF)
79. Space Mix
(V, VG, DF)
8. Butterscotch
(V, GF)
80. Fizzless Snakes
(GF, DF)
81. Twist Kisses
(GF, DF)
86. Fizzy Dummy Painter
(V, VE, DF)
87. Fizzy Watermelon Painter
(V, VE, DF)
88. Bubs Strawberry Cheesecake
(V, VE, GF, DF)
9. Sour Apples
(V, VG, DF)

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Please Note – We can not guarantee that some picknmix may be mixed due to our picking procedure and sweets being close in proximity, some sweets may be mixed even though this may be rare occurrence.

If in rare occasions we run out of an item we will add more of something you have already picked.

Check out our customers reviews here and see for yourself that out sweet pick and mix bags are awesome.

Please Note: We can not guarantee the sweets in this pouch do not contain or been prepared in a free from nut (and other ingredients that cause allergies and dietary requirements) area.


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