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Sweetzy Monthly Subscription

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Love your sweets? A Sweetzy monthly subscription will be perfect for you then. You get to pick your size and pick your sweets to exactly what you want. That’s not even the best bit, you also get to change your size and sweets every month. We will remind you via email when its time to change your preferences.

Also, we don’t tie you into anything, You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

How does this work?

  • Choose your size pouch
  • Choose your sweets you would like
  • Checkout
  • Then every month you can change your size, change your sweets, pause or cancel. Up to you.

*Choose Sweets

101. Rhubarb & Custard Tubes
102. Twin Cherries
103. Apple Rings
104. Sour Bears
105. Jelly Strawberries
Candy Cones Sweets Small
106. Chocolate Cones
Candy Necklace Sweetzy
107. Candy Necklaces
Sweetzy Pick n mix sweets delivered to your door
108. Jelly Beans
109. Fizzy Blue Raspberry Bottles
110. Wine Gums
111. Pink & White Mice
112. Spinning Tops
113. Sour Worms
114. Jumbo Bubblegum Botles
115. Strawberry Wheels
passion fruit slices Sweetzy
116. Passion Fruit Slices
Strawberry and Cream Love Heart
117. Twist Hearts
Pina Colida Sweets - Sweetzy
119. Pina Colada Slices
Sweetzy Sweets
120. Sour Spiders
Red Sweets - Sweetzy
121. Red Strawberries
122. Giant Fried Egg
Red Rocketz Circle Sweet Sweetzy
123. Fizzy Red Rocketz
124. Blue Raspberry Rocketz
125. Mini Candy Canes
126. Rainbow Bites
Watermelon Sweet Sweetzy
127. Watermelon Slices
128. Giant Dolphins
129. Apple & Custard Hearts
130. Pint Pots
Sweetzy Pick n Mix Sweet
133. Gummy Strawberry Dreams
134. Mini Frogs
135. Baby Dolphin
136. Fried Eggs
137. Fruit Hearts
201. Sour Strawberry Bites
202. Strawberry Pencils
300. Toffee Bonbon
301. Peelable Raspberry Slices
Sweetzy vegan Pick n mix sweets delivered to your door
400. Fizzy Cherries
401. Dracula Teeth
402. Fizzy Tongues
Mermaid Sweets Sweetzy
403. Mermaids
404. Tongue Painters
405. Peelable Strawberry Slices
Sweetzy vegan Pick n mix sweets delivered to your door
406. Blue Babies
407. Sour Shocks
408. Baby Meerkats
409. Space Mix
410. BUBS Sour Octopus
411. Fizzy Blue Stars
412. Fizzy Cola Bottles
413. Fizzy Fangs
414. BUBS Sour Foam Tutti Frutti
500. Sour Blue Raspberries
501. Jelly Whales
502. Cola Bottles
Sweetzy Pick n mix sweets delivered to your door
503. Super Shrimp
504. Fizzy Strawberries
505. Blackjack and fruit salads
506. Sour Dummies
507. Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles
508. Fizzy Jelly Snakes
509. Fizzy Chips
510. Fizzy Peaches
Sweetzy Pick n mix sweets delivered to your door
511. Blue Raspberry Bonbon
Banana Sweets - Sweetzy - Delivered to your Door
512. Foam Bananas
513. Bubblegum Bonbons
514. Mini Watermelon Bites
515. Party Mix
516. Milk Bottles
517. Pink Mushrooms
Red Cirlce Sweets - Pick and Mix Sweets - Delivered to your Door
518. Twist Kisses
Jelly Filled Brains Chewy Sweets - Sweetzy
519. Jelly Filled Brains

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Best Dad Ever
My Dad Is A Legend
I Love You
Thank You
Stay Strong
Thinking of You
Birthday Blue
Birthday Drinks
Unicorn Birthday

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Please Note – We can not guarantee that some picknmix may be mixed due to our picking procedure and sweets being close in proximity, some sweets may be mixed even though this may be rare occurrence.

If in rare occasions we run out of an item we will add more of something you have already picked.

Check out our customers reviews here and see for yourself that out sweet pick and mix bags are awesome.

Please Note: We can not guarantee the sweets in this pouch do not contain or been prepared in a free from nut (and other ingredients that cause allergies and dietary requirements) area.


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