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Sweetzy Subscription (v)

From: £5.99 / month

1. Pick your size

2. Pick your sweets

How does this work?

  • If you choose exactly the right number of sweets for your pouch, you’ll get the same sweets every month
  • If you choose fewer favourites than what fits in your pouch, we’ll top up the pouch with a random selection!
  • If you choose more favourites than what fits in your pouch, we’ll randomly choose sweets from your selection each month
  • If you remove all your favourites, future sweet pouches will be a complete surprise!

3. Add to basket

4. We will send you an email 3 days before we out your sweets each month so you can change your sweets if you like.

We can only process subscription products using stripe.
Do not try to use PayPal for subscription products!


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*Choose Your First Month's Vegan Sweets

52. Dracular Teeth
60. Tongue Painters
39. Sour Dummies
59. Sour Water Melons
5. Pontrefact Cakes
30. Fizzy Strawberries
22. Fizzy Cola Bottles
3. Cherry Cola Bottles

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Best Teacher Ever
You Rock
Stay Strong
Thinking of You
Birthday Blue
Birthday Drinks
Unicorn Birthday

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A******** F*******
8th July 2020
Very good value for money I've ordered a few bags in different sizes and there brilliant cant wait till I next order
7th July 2020
Really good value for money and good quality sweets. They really do pack the sweets into the bag. I was expecting to see a bag half full but that was not the case. Amazing and so yummy!!!!!
7th July 2020
This is such a good idea! I've done 2 orders now, and I'll be placing more. I did think it was expensive for sweets at first, but when you can't go out and get pick and mix now, I think it's definitely worth it! The only thing is they don't last very long!

Annoyingly when I did my first order I didn't know about the free bag, so I'm hoping I may be able to get that on my next order, pretty please? :)
7th July 2020
I love these sweets so much I’ve signed up for a monthly subscription, I also send them as gifts to family and friends and every time the reaction has been brilliant and now they buy the sweets too!
6th July 2020
Fantastic company and really quick delivery. An impressive selection of sweets which means that you can just pick your favourites for an extremely reasonable price! Would highly recommend and will definitely be purchasing again.
6th July 2020
Just ordered our second bag lovely sweets and u can pick what your favourites are, which is a definite bonus, have already recommended you to my friends
6th July 2020
Arrived quickly. Great packaging. Amazing selection. Really enjoyed it - it was a fab treat even if they didn’t last long!
6th July 2020
Great company, loads to choose from and love that you can pick you’re own bags so it’s only full of my favourites! Delivery is quick to! This was the 5th time I’ve ordered from them now.
Z** S
6th July 2020
Great sweets for any occasion! 1st bag i bought was just cos & 2nd bag was for a Birthday loved the personal photo option :) Yummy Sweets! Quick delivery! Will be ordering again
6th July 2020
Good value for money & a great selection to pick from. We will definitely be ordering more in the future!
6th July 2020
Loved it! Exactly what I expected and a lovely treat
6th July 2020
Pic n mix delivered to your door. I could have done with a bigger bag to share with my 4 children. The extra bag was random sweets but they seemed to enjoy those too. Fresh and arrived safely.
S***** S****
5th July 2020
What the world needs. Simple as that.
E** M*******
5th July 2020
So excited with my purchase absolutely great for children and adults. Just ordered a second batch
Thank you
5th July 2020
I've ordered twice now and im really impressed. My little boy loved them especially the watermelon ones as they are his favourite. Thank you so much 😊
H*** G*****
5th July 2020
Amazing! Great quarantine pick-me-up! All my sweets were there I ate them too quickly! Will order again
L**** M*********
5th July 2020
Brilliant treat and service
A**** E****
5th July 2020
A gift to our granddaughter during lock down (unable to travel to see her). She absolutely loved it. Good selection of sweetzy. Recommended to my sister who promptly ordered some too.
5th July 2020
Great quality sweets and arrived really quick
5th July 2020
Not sure I can justify spending £10 just on sweets, but I regret nothing! (Except perhaps sharing them 😉). These sweets were amazing, I need to find an excuse to buy some more.
D******** W***
5th July 2020
Excellent quality sweets my 2and time ordering now bought my dad one for fathers day and he loved it love the fact they come in a reusable/ recyclable bag instead of plastic kept the sweets nice and fresh.
Have already recommended to all my friends and family cant wait to order again ..Thankyou Sweetzy
5th July 2020
The selection of sweets is great and delivery was quick highly recommend
K**** D*****
4th July 2020
These sweets are simply the best. There is a great selection to choose from and the service is equally great and very quick. I have ordered three times now and I’m already thinking about when to process my next order. Thank you so much Sweetzy
B** D****
4th July 2020
Really nice tasting sweets and would buy again, my only concern was the delivery. I paid quite a premium for 1st class expecting 2 days at tops, bought in the week too. However, took 5 days to arrive! Still worth it but I mean cmon!!
4th July 2020
Very happy with our order. So nice to know what fresh pick n mix tastes like, it's delicious! Friendly customer service and quick delivery. Will definitely be ordering again. Thank you Sweetzy!
4th July 2020
Amazing sweets and love the packaging, would highly recommend this company. 5 stars easily 👍🏻
K****** S******
4th July 2020
The freshest sweets from anywhere I've ordered!! Lovely packaging and quick delivery!!
4th July 2020
Fantastic! Was recommended by a friend so ordered a bag for my birthday and they were great. They arrived quickly and loved being able to choose what I wanted. Will be ordering again.
L***** W*****
4th July 2020
Brilliant, I ordered 2 bags for us and one for a friend, they all arrived quickly. The sticker on my friends bag was perfect. Really happy thank you! Will definitely order again!
4th July 2020
Brilliant company and brilliant product! Dad and I loved a pick and mix when I lived at home so now it’s a treat I can send now I’ve moved out :)!
J****** T*******
4th July 2020
I've bought a few bags from Sweetzy and I've loved every one of them! The sweets are delicious and I love being able to pick what ones I want. I will buy again!
P**** T******
4th July 2020
Great gift for my wife. She loved the selection 👌🏼
4th July 2020
I have placed multiple orders now. Since lockdown I could find a sweet company who allowed you to pick your own selection of favourite sweets. Especially top quality ones like these with all my chocolate favourites!
Great customer service. Always respond to messages on Instagram very quickly
D J**
4th July 2020
Very tasty - good customer service
F****** P******
4th July 2020
Very good
3rd July 2020
Ordered this as a lockdown treat and I'm so glad I choose Sweetzy to order from, I received my order really quickly, the sweets were amazing quality and found Sweetzy have a lot more choice than some of the other stores I looked at before placing an order. I think I'm going to have to make this a regular payday treat going forward.
3rd July 2020
I’ve ordered sweetzy twice now and I’ve been incredibly impressed overall with the standard of service, product, packaging, delivery and not failing to mention the plant a tree campaign they’re involved with.
Would highly recommend this company as the place to get your sugar fix from x
3rd July 2020
Sweets are amazing! Will be ordering again
3rd July 2020
I like that you can pick your own sweets, and im very happy with my order.
3rd July 2020
Second bag I've ordered and still just as excellent. Lovely sweets and quick delivery.
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