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Sweetzy Subscription (v)

From: £5.99 / month

1. Pick your size

2. Pick your sweets

How does this work?

  • If you choose exactly the right number of sweets for your pouch, you’ll get the same sweets every month
  • If you choose fewer favourites than what fits in your pouch, we’ll top up the pouch with a random selection!
  • If you choose more favourites than what fits in your pouch, we’ll randomly choose sweets from your selection each month
  • If you remove all your favourites, future sweet pouches will be a complete surprise!

3. Add to basket

4. We will send you an email 3 days before we out your sweets each month so you can change your sweets if you like.

We can only process subscription products using stripe.
Do not try to use PayPal for subscription products!


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*Choose Your First Month's Vegan Sweets

79. Space Mix
57. Fizzy Tongues
61. Apple Belt
9. Sour Apples
65. Blue Babies
58. Mermaids
78. Meerkats (August Special)
52. Dracular Teeth
60. Tongue Painters
39. Sour Dummies
59. Sour Water Melons
30. Fizzy Strawberries
3. Cherry Cola Bottles

Add a Custom Frame

You Little Sweetie
I Love You
I Love You Like I Love These Sweets
Thank You
Best Teacher Ever
You Rock
Stay Strong
Thinking of You
Birthday Blue
Birthday Drinks
Unicorn Birthday

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