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Create Your Own Pick And Mixx

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Build your own pick and mix bag and choose from our extensive range of favourite sweets.

Our Mega Share Pouches are HUGE! check our customers pictures.

Each filling is 50 Grams.


*Choose Sweets

1. Crocodiles
10. Haribo Strawberries
11. Haribo Turtles
12. Jargonelle Pears
13. Strawberry Bonbon
14. Super Shrimps
15. Yellow Bellies
16. Haribo Cola Bottles
17. Jelly Babies
18. Haribo Gummy Bears
19. Lemon Bonbon
2. Haribo Rhubarb & Custard
20. Chocolate Candy Cones
21. Cherry Bonbon
22. Fizzy Cola Bottles
23. Blackjack and fruit salads
24. Jelly Beans
25. Rosy Apples
26. Apple Bonbons
27. Rhubarb & Custard Bonbons
28. Dolly Mixture
29. Chocolate Limes
3. Cherry Cola Bottles
30. Fizzy Strawberries
31. Toffee Bonbons
32. Blackcurrant Bonbon
33. Friendship Rings
34. Boiled Rhubarb & Custard
35. Fried Eggs
36. Haribo Heart Throbs
37. Kola Cubes
38. Pear Drops
39. Sour Dummies
4. Haribo Cherries
40. Refreshers
41. Fizzy Jelly Snakes
42. Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles
43. Fizzy Chips
44. Mint Humbugs
45. Dusted Jelly Babies
46. Fizzy Peaches
47. Sour Strawberry Bites
48. Blue Raspberry Bonbon
49. Giant Dummies
5. Pontefact Cakes
50. Shandy Bottles
51. Foam Bananas
52. Dracular Teeth
53. ABC Letters
54. Coconut Mushrooms
55. Porky Pigs
56. Pink & White Mice
57. Fizzy Tongues
58. Mermaids
59. Sour Melon Slices
6. Bubble Gum BonBon
60. Tongue Painters
61. Apple Belts
62. Rainbow Belts
63. Mini Watermelon Bites
64. Maoam Stripes
65. Blue Babies
66. Sour Shocks
68. Blackberry and Raspberry Gums
69. Strawberry Milkshakes
7. Pineapple Cubes
70. Milk Bottles
71. Cherry Wheels
72. Mega Snowies
73. Baby Dolphins
74. Pink Mushrooms
8. Butterscotch
9. Sour Apples

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Create your own Sweetzy pick and mix and have it shipped to your door. Pick from out extensive range of sweets which is always growing. Sweetzy is the best place for online sweets as you can build your own Sweet bag and have it delivered to your door.

No Longer do you need to buy what the shops have got, have your sweets delivered to your door with our fast delivery. We stock everything from Haribo Cherries to sour sweets and also boiled sweet collection.

If in rare occasions we run out of an item we may replace this with a substitute or with something you have already picked.

Checkout our build your own sweet bag and pick from over 22 fillings of your favourite sweets and have the sweets delivered to your door. Everyone loves a good old fashion pick and mix and you can share with family and friends with our mega share bags.

Check out our customers reviews here and see for yourself that out sweet pick and mix bags are awesome.

Please Note: We can not guarantee the sweets in this pouch do not contain or been prepared in a free from nut (and other ingredients that cause allergies and dietary requirements) area.


Its up to you to pick the sweets you would like in your pouch so please head over to our ingredients page here to check out our full ingredients list.

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H***** D******
3rd July 2020
Love the selection of sweets and picking your own. Bag was bursting out the top it was so full!!
A** B****
3rd July 2020
Such a good variety of sweets to choose from & so easy to select what you want! Arrived quickly & definitely cheered up my boyfriend & kids - thank you!
3rd July 2020
I loved how easy it was to choose a selection of sweets and how wide a variety there is. The website was easy to use, the delivery was quick and I thought the packaging was good. The sweets came in great condition and tasted fab, so I will definitely be ordering some again
3rd July 2020
Best pick and mix ever.....I'll definitely be ordering again. Bought one for my daughter and one for my friend who was a bit down in lockdown and THANK YOU it cheered them both up. Pure excitement and joy.
2nd July 2020
Delivery not quite as quick as hoped, although certainly not bad.
Sweets were nice and fresh. Very happy customer, will shop here again.
2nd July 2020
5* sweets great service, packaging and price. Love them!!
2nd July 2020
Sweets were lovely, great quality and generous serving. The mega pouch lasted forever 😀 can’t give 5 stars as the delivery time was just over a week which I thought was a little slow but great service otherwise!
2nd July 2020
Great choice of sweets, quick delivery. Thank you!
2nd July 2020
Fantastic selection of sweets at a great price and with quickly delivered.
A***** C***
2nd July 2020
The quality of sweets was super and it lasted forever!! Already got a second order planned!
1st July 2020
I live in Spain and I was thrilled to be able to send a pic n mix for my sister's birthday in the UK (it's a tradition of ours!). It was perfect!! Excellent variety and choice, prompt delivery and she loved it so much that she has now started using Sweetzy to send gifts to others too!
1st July 2020
My sister recommended these as she loves them! We now love them too.
So easy to order with lots of choice. They arrived quickly and really nicely packaged with recyclable bag.
Amazing sweets!!! The trouble is they're too good and were eaten in no time. Will definitely be buying more & for pressies too x
Create Your Own Pick And Mixx photo review
L***** R******
30th June 2020
Amazing 💕
30th June 2020
Quite simply the best pick & mix sweets you can get!! Brilliant selection, and love being able to choose exactly what I want. It’s great to be able to support a small business, but also know that you’re dealing with a responsible company...not only is their packaging 100% recyclable, but they’re also doing their bit to help the environment by planting a tree for every order placed, amazing! I wouldn’t buy my sweets from anywhere else!!
30th June 2020
Fantastic sweets, great bags they came in and loved picking what I wanted. Good delivery too. Delicious
29th June 2020
Great selection, all the sweets were soft and didn't feel like they had been sitting around for ages, great gift idea
Create Your Own Pick And Mixx photo review
29th June 2020
We've ordered 4 times now, and we've loved every bag. Love being able to choose our sweets and they're all delicious!! Thank you!!
29th June 2020
Loved picking out my sweets from the great selection on offer! I ordered the 1KG bag and it was fab - trying hard not to dip into it all the time is hard! Will definitely be ordering another as the bag proved very popular in our house!
29th June 2020
We have just placed our 5th order with Sweetzy. The sweets are delicious and such good quality. Been happy with all of our orders - as have those who received them as gifts from us :) Delivery time from order is good - especially during this time & as a small business. Have recommended 100% to friends! Amazing company!
29th June 2020
Didn't think I'd be ordering again so quickly but couldn't resist! The sweets are so fresh!
C**** C********
28th June 2020
Loved the variety of sweets, bag was full to the top
28th June 2020
Delivery was really quick. The sweets all taste good and fresh, a far cry away from the ice cream van's mix up that I remember growing up.
28th June 2020
Fantastic range of sweets and amazing prices. My husband's eyes popped out when he saw the size of the pick and mix he received for father's Day! Quick delivery too. Will definitely buy again soon.
E*** A****
28th June 2020
Good selection of sweets but would have preferred sweets with sugar in a separate bag .
28th June 2020
Biggest bag of sweets I've ever had! Good quality and choice.
28th June 2020
Great selection of sweets, we choose a 1kg bag each and can’t stop eating them! The delivery time wasn’t too bad either!
I would highly recommend Sweetzy to anyone who loves pick n mix sweets, great way to see you through lockdown!
28th June 2020
Amazing sweets ar a great price. Great selection too
28th June 2020
Amazing sweets ar a great price.
K**** W*******
28th June 2020
I was so excited to receive my order and i wasnt disappointed! The bag was huge! Delivery was prompt and customer service excellent! I am one happy customer 😊
28th June 2020
Tastiest thing delivered to my door
28th June 2020
This was the second bag of sweets I have ordered from Sweetzy and I cannot recommend them enough! The bags are always really full and generous. They are regularly adding new sweets to the mix to choose from! Really fantastic company and will definitely be ordering from them again!
28th June 2020
Amazing service. Made a delivery address mistake customer service helped very quickly to rectify it.
The sweets didn’t last long I’m almost ashamed to say even though it was the huge bag! Just couldn’t stop eating all my favourites!
28th June 2020
Sweetzy have thee best sweeties! The gigantic bags of sweet treats have gotten me through lockdown!!! i absolutely love pick n mix, and will not get my pick n mix from anywhere from now on!
Subscription is looking very likely to satisfy my sweet tooth ♥️

Thank you SO much to the team!
28th June 2020
We love Sweetzy!! Great sweets, great delivery and recommending them to everyone! xx
27th June 2020
Amazing! The bag was absolutely huge and the picture on the front was really good quality. Sweets were amazing as well! Speedy delivery and great service
27th June 2020
Fantastic! Ordered a pick your own bag & my son & I have been loving them with a film in the evening. Have recommended to friends & family. Will be back in the near future.
27th June 2020
Great pic n mix bag, went for the 1kg bag, so good being able to
choose your selection, great treat for lockdown!
27th June 2020
Lovely sweets easy to order and create your own speedy deivery will defentaly order again
K***** T*****
27th June 2020
Best range of pick n mix and such a bonus you can pick your own. When ive ordered else where they always choose for you and end up with 2/3 i dont like! Super fresh and quick delivery! Thank you sweetzy!
27th June 2020
Ordered the largest size with the Father’s Day frame, made a really nice gift. Sweets were delicious of course and the packaging was very good quality, love that you can reseal the bag properly.
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